1st Option Home Health & Infusion provide a wide spectrum of health care services designed to provide patients with comprehensive therapies outside the hospital setting. Whether a patient is transitioned from the hospital, therapy, or is initiated from a referral by the physician's office, our services are focused on improving quality of life and providing patients with everything they need to receive their care in the comfort of their homes.

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Disease Management We offer several different programs that apply a team approach to a variety of different disease states. With the physician as the team leader, 1st Option assists in the different aspects of home care to better treat the patient.
Home Health We have all heard of the expression, "Home is where the heart is. There is no better place to recover from a surgical procedure, illness or condition than one's own home.
Home Infusion 1st Option Home Infusion is a specialized pharmacy that provides IV and nutritional therapies to patients who require short- or long-term therapy.
Infusion Suites In our state of the art infusion suites, patients can receive the care they need with a nurse in a private setting without waiting for hours or in a hospital communal room.



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